• Hi! My name is Andrés and I welcome you to «Mar de Palabras», my translapage. Below you will know a little bit about myself and I will also explain to you the content that you will find by browsing on this website so… here we go!


  • Since I was a child, learning new languages and its respective cultures has always been my passion. However,  even though I knew that I wanted to study a degree related to the english language, I had no idea about my future… until I began researching about translation and interpreting.
  • At that time, I fell in love with translation and I had clear what my objective was: to become a translator. From then on, I tried to find some information about the different job opportunities that the Degree in Translation and Interpreting provided. I finally ended up studying this degree at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville).
  • As I was passing all the subjects, I realised that I loved localisation (l10n). Moreover, I have been surrounded by computers and technology since my childhood, so I feel very comfortable in this field and I also enjoy every moment I translate videogames, software or websites.
  • Eventually, and after 4 intense years in which I have soaked up knowledge and I have also been able to develop the required competences and skills to fulfill my dream, here I am, at the gates of the labour market.
  • I am working currently as a junior translator and my language combinations are EN > ES and DE > ES, translating ALWAYS into my mother tongue. Despite the fact that localisation is my passion, I am delighted about audiovisual translation too, so I am reading, learning and studying as much as I can in order to deliver professional, high-quality translation projects in the near future.

“Last but not least… I HOPE YOU ENJOY MAR DE PALABRAS!”